Jumping into the Internet. – Step 1

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Jumping into the Internet

The world has evolved at a fast pace and sometimes leaving us without choices and having to step up and jump into the digital era. If this is your situation, then it is a good thing you ran into this article, because we will help you understand why it is important to have an online presence… always.

Competition is out as well and decisions are being made online. Think about it: A potential client that uses google to find a life coach because his life is going the wrong way and is desperate, but you are not there to help because you are not present for your online community. Your competition is there for this person because they have a  website and an online presence, and this is what differentiates them from the rest.

There are many benefits to run your business online and it is no longer an option to avoid being on the internet. This is the place everyone looks for everything, and you need to be there too, especially as a coach, consultant or course creator, since it will be helpful to understand the environment people is dealing with nowadays.

Let’s talk about numbers then.

Yet not convinced on making that jump? Then regrettably, your business will not succeed and will eventually fall, because everything indicates that the internet has come to stay for good. You may have a few clients now because referrals always come by, but then again, customers will only be online presented at some point and this is already happening in certain targets.

We’re not telling you this to scare you off, but we must be honest and understand that the new model that the internet has conquered is based on information, and this is the key to provide the solution. If you are not part of the information, you cannot be part of the solution for your clients, but as long as you are on the internet, that solution can be you!

Irish spend more than 4 hours a day using their smartphones.  According to the Irish Times, Social Media is by far, the most popular thing people use their phones for, and according to Big Google, 97% of users search for services and products on the internet.

We are pretty sure that now, that you have this data, you understand the importance of having an online presence, and developing your website and building an online presence is essential to reach your community and clients that are waiting just for you.

And about Internet users in the world, it’s also said…

We understand that the thinking that establishes the concept of creating a website or a blog is complicated, but it is actually quite similar to the hassle of paying rent for a physical place to have your clients go to or paying for furniture for clients to sit or wait to ask for information.

Remember this was all before the internet. Now everything is just a click away. If you don’t have a website to display your info, you will not get through and worse, they will go to the competition. We don’t want that to happen, right?


Ok ok, you are not prepared for the whole website concept yet. But at least you need a presence on social platforms because whenever someone is searching for your services, they will most likely look you up on social media. This is a much simpler task to start.

If you want the big panorama, let me tell you that half the world,  almost 5,000 million people are on the Internet and in the case of Ireland and the UK, this figure is close to 20 million or, in the same way, it exceeds 75% of both population.

It’s simple: If you are not on the internet you do not exist.

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